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TheWeirdcrap.com offers an outlet for Bel Garion. Which is good because it keeps him off the streets.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Butt Itch of the Day

Dear Garion,

Work has gotten worse. My project ended on July 1 but the extended it to the 8th so that the management (and I use the term in the loosest sense possible) could talk about transition of my areas duties to the other available areas. I still haven’t been told what my job (if I have one) will be after this transition is made.

This project has been hell and I am definitely ready to move on to other things. I have had to let all of the temps go but no plans have been made to shift the work. So I just set the phones to refer the work to another area of my choosing. What do I tell them when they come and ask me why?


Dear Terry,

While visiting crackwhores.com this week, I found myself extremely unfocused on the task at hand. Life has been troubling lately to a great many people, who write to me… for some reason. Why do you keep emailing me Terry?

It probably won’t do any good to worry about your job, and hey, maybe this hurricane Dennis will come and wash it away. Wouldn’t that be nice.

To my great fucking surprise, crackwhores.com isn’t a porn site! Can you fucking believe it ‘cause I fucking can’t. Holy shit!



Blogger TheWeirdcrap.com Staff said...

I, Bob Senitram, in the flesh, feel I should answer this question, also. Terry, you should worry less about your job and concentrate more on gambling, booze, and getting laid. These are the important things in life!

6:55 PM, July 14, 2005  

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